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Our charity is focused on helping casualties (killed or injured) of New Zealand’s overseas deployments (since January 1999) and their immediate family members, which includes;

  • Partner of casualties, widow, widower or former partner of deceased;
  • Children and step-children 25 years and under of casualties and deceased;

We are also working closely with the New Zealand Defence Force in identifying who may eligible as beneficiaries of the Trust. We encourage people who may benefit from our support to come forward and let us know how we might be able to help them.

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If you have been diagnosed as having suffered a life-changing physical or mental injury as a result of deployed operational service, or you care for someone who has, or are the dependent of someone who has – we are here to help you.

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Find out how we can provide financial assistance and a support network, while sharing incredible offers we receive from the hugely supportive public. Our whole focus is supporting you and your family. Keep in touch, tell us your news, take up a new offer or a challenge.



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The Fallen Heroes Trust believes it can play a role in enabling Fallen Heroes and their dependents to lead fulsome lives and fulfil their dreams and aspirations; The Trust believes in giving a helping hand but not a hand out, thereby supporting those who demonstrate a commitment and a preparedness to help themselves; We recognize that our fallen heroes and their families sometimes need assistance to get past a challenge or to take on a new direction in their lives that have very unique circumstances.

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