Help Comes in Many Forms

Many organisations and people in the community have been, and continue to be, generous with their time and money. Our Trustees will engage with the community to describe what we do for our Fallen Heroes and their families.

We are available to meet with interested organisations to engage their support for what we are doing and how they may help us to achieve our objectives. But you don’t need our permission or approval to do it – take the initiative and just get out there and make it happen.

Help Fundraise

We are always happy to receive suggestions for fundraising activities. A number of organisations have held fundraising events on our behalf. Others have organised bake sales or participated in sports events to raise funds.

The New Zealand Defence Force has been especially active in fundraising for the Trust; for which are particularly grateful.

Donate Your Time, Skills or Resources

We are always happy to receive offers for support in kind such as counselling, guidance, coaching or legal support etc or even a venue to help our beneficiaries would be greatly appreciated.

Reaching out to the Community

We believe that there should be a large community of support for our fallen heroes and their families. This is from the wide direct and indirect community links resulting from many Kiwi families having had a family member recently serving in the defence force. This extended family or community understands the commitments and the risks that service entails, and so we would therefore hope that a greater community of support will continue to support those who they have served beside.

By wearing a wrist band or one of our badges, you will show your support and help generate a wider community of understanding and support.

FHT wristbands


The Trust may be able to provide some materials and assistance to help brand your activity. Please contact us if you would like to request use the Fallen Heroes Trust name or brand logo as part of your activity so that we may best support you and verify your activity should anyone ask.  Contact us and let’s see what we can do to help you fundraise.

FHT badges

‘Friends of the Fallen’

If you would like to register to become part of a greater community that supports this cause please register here and let us know what you would interested in doing.

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